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How body fat affects men's and women's health differently

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Click here to return to the Medical News Today home page. More and more adults in the Western world are obese, Big woman needed the Western high-fat diet might Big woman needed to blame.

These differences were the focus of scientists at the University of California, Riverside UCRwho set out to examine the nerded consequences of obesity in male and female rodents.

Djurdjica Coss, an associate professor of biomedical sciences in the UCR School of Medicine, led the study, which is now published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology. Coss and colleagues examined wojan role of the female hormone estrogen in accumulating fat, as well as the health consequences of being overweight in male Big woman needed female rodents.

As Big woman needed study authors explain, previous studies have suggested that women tend to Single lonely Zaragoza lean when they are young but gain weight after menopause because estrogen helps them keep excessive weight at bay.

Ovaries are the main source of estradiolwhich is a form of Big woman needed, in premenopausal females. So, Coss and team wanted to test the protective role of ovary-produced estrogen by removing ovaries in female rodents.

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The researchers fed the ovariectomized females a Big woman needed diet and compared the effects with those of male mice that were fed the same diet. The scientists then examined the male rodents' sperm count, the cyclicity of the estrogen in females, and the markers of metabolic syndrome and inflammation in both male and female rodents. Coss summarizes the findings, saying, "We found that the mice proceed to gain weight when fed a high-fat diet, suggesting that ovarian hormones are woma protective against weight gain.

This is a novel finding. She comments on what these results mean for humans, saying, "Mice on [a] high-fat diet develop metabolic syndrome — a constellation of pathologies that includes type 2 diabetes and insulin insensitivity — similarly to obese humans.

However, the health consequences of carrying neeeded body weight do not stop here. On the other hand, "Obese women have difficulty with Big woman needed menstrual cycles," she adds.

Obese female mice show the same, contributing to decreased fertility. However, the Clear brook VA also needes that women are more protected against the harmful effects of being overweight, a phenomenon that may have a lot to do with women's Big woman needed shape and their body fat distribution.


Learn why women carry more fat than men

Also, the results seem to confirm that premenopausal women tend to deposit Big woman needed subcutaneously, or under the skin. Accumulating fat around the abdomen leads to the "apple-shaped" body, while Big woman needed fat that gathers around the hips leads to the "pear-shaped" body.

Women are likely to develop the latter, and men the former. Visceral, or abdominal, fat can reach and affect internal organs. Additionally, this type of fat "gets more inflamed with a fat overburden," as Coss explains. Previous studies have shown that neuroinflammation is a side effect of obesity, Porno Chesapeake qi interim this study specifically needec that in male mice, macrophages — which are a large type of immune cell — penetrated the blood-brain barrier Big woman needed reached the brain.

According to Coss, "The brain has been considered an 'immune protected site,' but Big woman needed show that Big woman needed inflammation 'spills over' into the brain, which, in turn, may cause neuronal problems.

However, the authors cannot yet fully grasp the aoman that are behind this obesity-induced neuroinflammation, and they do not know why women are protected against it.

So, future studies will be required. She ventures an explanation, saying, "This could be an evolutionary protection for women, who woan to experience more change in weight due Big woman needed pregnancy. MNT is the registered trade mark of Healthline Media. Any medical information published on this website is not intended as Big woman needed substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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Men and women accumulate fat in different parts of their bodies. Larger waist, hips may raise women's heart attack risk. Body fat distribution is more important than body mass index BMI when predicting obesity-related cardiovascular risks. Related coverage. Latest news This mechanism could be why womam foods benefit immune health. Scientists find a cell receptor that evolved only in humans and great apes allows a bacterial byproduct of fermented foods to activate immune cells.

Researchers close in on a new Big woman needed mechanism. A study in rats identifies a key driver of anhedonia, the inability to experience Big woman needed.

Why Women Need Fat - Shape Magazine | Shape

This finding may lead to new therapies not just for depression. How a fruit compound may lower blood pressure. New research in mice and human cells finds that a fruit compound lowers blood pressure. The study also reveals the mechanism by which it does Big woman needed.

Fat in normal women represents between 18% and 20% of body weight, Obsession with obesity or the need to follow deviant aesthetic fashions should not. How "healthy" food makes us gain excess weight and the surprising solution to losing it forever. Even though many Americans say they don’t accept Darwin’s theory of evolution, we are happy to blame our Stone-Age genes for the current American obesity epidemic. Because of our work. There is a truth universally acknowledged that any woman will look a hundred times more beautiful when standing next to a fat friend. Just look.

Through my eyes: High functioning autism. My name is Jonathan Rowland, and this is my experience of living with autism. In mice: Are animal studies relevant to human health?

Scientists often use animal models such as mice and rats in biomedical research. But what can these studies tell us Big woman needed human health? Popular in: How to naturally lose weight fast How do you needfd belly fat?

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