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Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. He Dunk sat naked under the elm while he dried, enjoying the warmth of spring air on his skin as he watched a dragonfly move lazily among the reeds. Why would they name it a dragonfly? It looks nothing like a dragon. Wicth dragonfly among the reeds.

Just a simple description, or could this be foreshadowing? Some ten or so years after this scene, Dunk's Woods witch seeking hedge knight and friend Egg, aka Aegon son of Maekar of House Targaryen, seekjng sire Woods witch seeking hedge knight first son.

Egg's son, known as Duncan Woods witch seeking hedge knight Small, would marry Jenny of Oldstones in defiance with his father's wishes, be excluded along with his descendents from the succession due to his marriage, and acquire the sobriquet Prince of Dragonflies. He eventually died at the Tragedy of Summerhall. Readers typically assume that the main objection to Duncan's choice of bride, discounting the political snubs involved, was that Jenny was a commoner, although we have no evidence to support that assumption.

The possible sseking from THK suggests a tantalizing alternative- Jenny was a crannogman from House Reed, and perhaps an ancestor probably grandmother, due to timeline constraints of Howland Reed.

We have no hard evidence to support this hypothesis, but if it Wooods true it could shed light on many poorly understood situations from the past, as well as set the stage Seeking sexy older woman some intriguing future events.

I propose to follow the trail to see where Woods witch seeking hedge knight might lead. Oldstones castle Lonely senior singles it is known now was the seat of House Mudd.

We see no sign of recent occupation at the site or in the immediate vicinity. We hear no mention of nearby villages; the area seems to be deserted. The outlaws that Merrett met would hardly demand a rendezvous in a populated area.

After the fall of the Mudds, the smallfolk eventually left, even carting the castle stones to other locales long ago to seeklng reused for more urgent purposes. How could Jenny be from Oldstones?

Want Sex Dating Woods witch seeking hedge knight

The most likely answer is that she wasn't, and that she received her surname for some other reason. After his death, the Andals conquered his kingdom.

Any surviving First Men who didn't submit likely retreated north to the Neck, where we now find crannogmen from houses such as Reed, Fenn, Boggs, Peat, and others. They might very well claim descent Woods witch seeking hedge knight House Mudd, and trace their roots back to Oldstones.

Another possible explanation is that Jenny and Duncan met at the ruins of Oldstones. Jenny had a friend. Daenerys IV, aDwD.

Barristan is speaking to Dany about her parent's marriage. A woods witch had told him that the prince was promised would be born of their line. A stunted thing, grotesque to look upon.

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A dwarf, most people said, though dear Meet locals and Essex Vermont Lady Jenny, who always claimed that she was one of the children of the forest. This woods witch and the Ghost of High Heart are certainly the same being.

She has red eyes, and has cryptic visions of the future. She is said to be able to communicate with weirwoods. These are characteristics of CotF greenseers, yet she Woods witch seeking hedge knight the claws Woods witch seeking hedge knight dappled skin of CotF.

Could she sedking employing a glamour? Bloodraven used glamours, and he was but a human greenseer.

Woods witch seeking hedge knight

Leaf wandered the world for years without being detected; she must have used glamours. I'm inclined to trust Jenny on this issue. The Faith hated the CotF, and the Andals had actively hunted them in the past. The CotF are ancient legends to most of the First Men, regarded as perhaps benevolent if you respect the weirwoods yet mysterious, but the crannogmen had witcj closer relationship with them.

Theon Woods witch seeking hedge knight, aCoK. Maester Luwin is speaking to Theon as they hunt for Bran and Rickon.

This would seem to give mild support to the idea that Jenny was a crannogman. Why would Duncan's choice of a crannogman be objectionable? Aegon V ascended the throne by invitation knihht the Great Council, displacing his elder brother Aerion Brightflame's son, who Want some company first in the line Woosd Woods witch seeking hedge knight, despite the fact that Aegon himself had already offended many lords by marrying for love himself.

His position on the throne was not strong. Duncan's decision to marry a crannogman would likely lead to political, financial, Woods witch seeking hedge knight cultural objections, which Aegon would not have the strength to counter.

Even if Jenny was from a lordly house from the Neck, many high lords not to mention the actual house Aegon had arranged Woods witch seeking hedge knight supply Duncan's bride, and their allies would protest because the crannogmen wielded no political power outside the Neck, and thus brought no advantage to the Throne. The crannogmen had little Woods witch seeking hedge knight, so they could not help their new allies financially.

Crannog society differed culturally from the rest of Westeros, not being based on the agricultural village and manor system. There might even be racial objections. Crannogmen are of small stature, and Westerosi lordly society prizes large, strong male heirs who can fight in heavy armor. Many lords would be concerned about a weakening of the royal bloodline or feign concern as an excuse to extract political concessions.

Howland's treatment at Harrenhall reveals bigotry may have played a role. When added to other unresolved issues the Blackfire Woods witch seeking hedge knight and other dissensionsLuv eatin pussy situation could easily lead to revolt and seeklng. Aegon would be left in a very weak position, and would likely be forced to give Duncan an ultimatum- choose between the throne and Jenny. History seeking that Duncan chose Jenny, whoever she was, over the throne.

We hear nothing about any descendents.

Daughters might have escaped notice by historians once they married, but we hear of no sons surnamed Targaryen from Duncan's line. This, however, does not mean Duncan Looking for a Providence Rhode Island sexy guy no sons.

In order to satisfy the protesting lords, Aegon would have to insure that neither Duncan nor his children Woods witch seeking hedge knight ever inherit the throne.

Here's a look at the law, courtesy of Tywin Lannister speaking to Tyrion: Tyrion I, aSoS. Duncan would have to voluntarily give up those rights for himself and his sons. He apparently did. Since the title is informal, it might even be passed down to his children as a convenient label with no objections. He would not be a bastard, so he would not be likely to take a bastard surname.

If Jenny had a surname, I think it likely her son would adopt it. It would be a unique situation, without precedent. Perhaps Duncan could have insisted on his children being given the right Woods witch seeking hedge knight their mother's name in return for his own abdication.

Could the hypothesis be true?

The Snow Bride (The Knight and the Witch, #1) by Lindsay Townsend

So far we have seen nothing to contradict it. The strongest objection would seem to be that Jenny is never explicitly described as a crannogman.

We only hear snippets of Duncan and Jenny's story, however. Jenny's origins could be so well known that the POV characters simply see no reason to mention it. We don't know everything the characters in the books know. Many of them could tell us who the wife of Jaehaerys II was, but they haven't bothered to tell us. Alester Florent knew quite a bit about the Tragedy Woods witch seeking hedge knight Summerhall, but we still are not privy to the same information.

GRRM is keeping some facts secret to enhance the drama. Certainly the Reeds we have met exhibit no overt Targaryen characteristics. Howland's abilities are said to be the same as Meera's. Then again, Robert, Stannis, and Renly Baratheon were the grandsons of Rhaelle Targaryen, and the only Targ characteristics they exhibit are Stannis's two fire visions, even though House Baratheon is actually a cadet branch of House Targaryen, with many links between them.

Targaryen characteristics Woods witch seeking hedge knight propagate well; that's why they inbreed. Remember the quote from Lonely woman seeking sex Salisbury a dragonfly.

Can this Woods witch seeking hedge knight Woosd tested? Howland Reed could confirm it knigbt. If Howland and Stannis meet, Cheating women Spring Garden Alabama acknowledge they are second cousins, the hypothesis is confirmed. Barristan Selmy could also confirm it, as could any number of other people with a decent knowledge of history.

We should know if this is true by the end of tWoW. If a reveal doesn't occur by then, the THK quote is just a description of a pretty scene. Can the hypothesis help explain some poorly understood events? If Jenny was a crannogman from House Reed, we have a better understanding of why Duncan and his descendents were disinherited and where they are now.

If it turns out that Howland is Woods witch seeking hedge knight fact the son of Duncan's son, many more mysteries could be explained. Why was he allowed to?

A As far as we can tell, no one visits the Isle of Faces. The Andal crusaders apparently didn't attack it. Howland, however, seems to have visited it on a whim, and spent time with the Green Men. Aenar Targaryen abandoned Valyria due to a prophesy.